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Month: February, 2008

Switchfoot: The Awakening in KL…

Switchfoot. KL. Switchfoot. In KL. Switchfoot in KL. Even now these 2 words still do not seem plausible.

The Waiting…

02.02.08 – I met Chris (who made me a true Switchfoot fan years back) for lunch at Chili’s KLCC, & after meeting up Brendan (Chris’s younger bro), thus completing our holy trinity, we made our way leisurely to the Convention Center before 4.30pm, a solid 2 hours before the proposed start time. We were thinking, hey, there shouldn’t be too big of a crowd at such an early time right? Wrong. Turns out a huge crowd has already lined up in front of us, & we were propped up right at Hall 5, when the concert is in Hall 4.

The Crowd

“Why the french.connection.united.kingdom. the line already so long wan?!”

While waiting for the people with the tags who look supremely cocky at times to let us into the hall, we purchased ourselves Switchfoot t-shirts for RM40 each. Bad idea for the other booths (like poor Love Me Bu(i)tch’s booth) to be set up just next to the Switchfoot one. Why? It was obvious when only a particular 1 booth was overcrowded. As more people lined up (there was already a crowd that had to line up till outside the Convention Center), suddenly everyone in front of us started standing. Then there was running. We, like typical Malaysians, followed suit & started running, & suddenly we found ourselves really in front, lining up extremely near to the entrance. Turns out the organizers decided to open up another line to the existing line, & we were the lucky ones to be brought forward, haha! No cameras or water bottles allowed, they warned, but really, who was going to listen? Before 7pm, the doors opened & we found ourselves pretty much about 3 or 4 rows from the stage, & almost dead center. Perfect. Bring on the surfers.

The Crap Before…

I was a rock concert virgin. Except the mini Planetshakers concert a few years back, I’ve never been to a rock band performance before. & if it was a local rock band, I think I can safely say I will avoid them at all costs, after what I witnessed here. So when Rina Omar announced the 2 local acts that were opening for Switchfoot, I was dreading them. Local act Love Me Butch started the night with extreme jumbled noise blaring out of those poor Marshall amps that even overcame the lead singer’s screaming. Could not make out what he was singing the whole time. “Where’s the music?!”, someone in the crowd shouted at 1 time. Next was Altered Frequency, who were better, at least we could hear that the chaps were actually playing something in tune. But the crowd was not impressed, they wanted Switchfoot, & as bad as I wanted to pity our local acts, I was siding with the crowd.

It didn’t get better when Rina & some Indian DJ started throwing out free shirts to everyone but the people in the center. Then came the biggest disaster of the night, when they gave away a Gibson to a girl who barely even plays a guitar. Shouts of “can I be your boyfriend?” were thrown at her as she gleefully left the stage after being announced & presented as the lucky winner.

The Awakening…

As people were running around on stage busy changing the entire amps setup to Vox amps, removing the Yamaha drum set providing a clear view of the elevated Switchfoot drum set, & tuning the guitars, the anticipation level was high. We were getting restless, not helped by reported sightings of Drew Shirley who was peeking from a window above in the hall (scream!).

Finally, at 8.30pm (I think), we went bonkering berserk as Jon Foreman (lead vocals & guitars, sporting a jacket & his customary hat), Tim Foreman (bass, backing vocals, in a tie & jacket), Chad Butler (drums, in a cool I Am Lowercase People tee, a nod to the independent recording label of the band), Jerome Fontamillas (guitars, keyboards, synthesizer, backing vocals) & newest member Drew Shirley (guitars) hopped on stage. The crowd was deafening as the band jammed some introductory riffs from “Meant To Live” before kicking the night off with “Oh! Gravity”.

This was when what happened next was indescribable, so I will let these pictures speak for themselves (credit to Brendan, who was a superb cameraman that night).




Highlights of the experience included a cover version of Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” (Jon: “Thank you Beyonce!”) that was included in “Gone” with a little of Rihanna’s “Umbrella” towards the end, Jon jumping into the crowd during “Politicians” & screaming into the pickup of his electric guitar, the band going acoustic & all ‘camp-fire-mode’ in the beginning of “Only Hope”, Jon going mad, prancing around the stage hitting a cymbal of Chad’s, & my favourite, when the band members all paused & posed like rock star statues for a solid 2 minutes or so during “American Dream”. Notably, the band was in its own element during the upbeat “Awakening” (Chris’s favourite), “We Are One Tonight”, “This is Your Life” & “Meant To Live”, where the crowd sing-along was incredibly strong. Jon also expressed some of his thoughts during “Politicians” & before “American Dream”, which only strengthened the message behind their songs. The band paid tribute to loyal fans who stood by them since the beginning with “Learning To Breath”. The encore song (why 1 only?!) was of course, crowd-favourite “Dare You To Move”, where Jon, who returned in a I Heart KL t-shirt, started the song all solo & acoustic with his Taylor acoustic before Drew’s electric guitar tunes came in after the 1st chorus to launch a full-blown band version. The other songs they sang were “Dirty Second Hands” from the Oh! Gravity album, “Lonely Nation”, “Stars”, “The Shadow Proves the Sunshine” from Nothing is Sound, & “On Fire” from The Beautiful Letdown, summing up the 16-track set list. It would be impossible to single out a favourite for the night, but if I had to, I would specially mention “Meant to Live”, due to the energy the band channeled through & also the longest & passionate crowd singing, when Jon allowed us to take over, pointing his microphone towards us, from the bridge to the last chorus of the song.




They were unbelievable, loved it especially the raw power when all 3 electric guitars played together. The energy displayed by the 5 humble dudes on stage were fantastic, & Jon’s showmanship & interaction skills were a marvel (he went down to the crowds twice!). & what was better was when we, the crowd, practically screamed & sang our lungs out to every single bloody song. Boy were there some die-hard fans there that night. The best of all, was the sound of the band. They sounded phenomenal live, not just Jon’s stunning vocals (he hit all the high notes with such power it was crazy) but the entire setup was balanced & simply mind-blowing. It was also hilarious when Jon invited us to sing along with him, & he gave us all these high “ehh ehh ehhhhhhh” notes & we had to scream our balls off, going all off tune of course. They rocked hard, no need for any fancy stage props or extravagant clothings, it was all about the music that night, simple clean rock vibrations. My only regret (a very minor 1 at that) was that they didn’t perform “Ammunition” or “Twenty-Four”, both among my favourites.



As the 5 of them bowed & left the stage rather quick at around 10.15pm, no one would have left the hall with even a little sense of disappointment. Nope, none of us were disappointed, even though 1 of the guitar picks thrown by Switchfoot to the fans fell on the floor just in front of me but was snatched by the guy beside me in a flash, even though Brandon found RM50 on the floor, pocketed it, & then dropped it somewhere after that, even though a Gibson was given away to a girl who knows nuts about guitars, even though my knees & ankles were sore from all the jumping, & even though the local acts gave us all early migraines. Everything was forgiven, for Switchfoot came, rocked & conquered KL. Seeing them live is beyond words, so thank you for not ignoring us Malaysians when you made a stop in Singapore & other countries. Switchfoot may not step into our shores in the near future or even ever again, but then again, I dare to hope, for just before this, we never thought they would actually ever come, did we? Bring on more indie bands, anytime!

Jon Foreman: “So, this is our first time in KL?”
Crowd: “Yeaaahhhhh!!!!”
Jon Foreman: “Where were you guys all this while?”


We were here, all this while. Waiting. Always. Thank you.

Quote of the week: “Oww oww fuckity oww!” – Juno MacGuff.

Things That Go Bump…

    Bullshit of the week:
Lingam: “No, no, no. My learned commissioner, you did not get it right. I said it looks like me, it sounds like me but I will not say 100% that it’s me. The authenticity must be established by my two experts.”
Mahadev: “You do not want to say that it’s 100% you. How many percent would you say it’s you?”

    Honestly, that single interchange in court brings the term “tok kok” to a whole new level. Can somebody thrust a broom up VK Lingam’s ass really soon please? Even if it’s just to wipe that dumb smile of his face. & what’s with the other lawyer Mahadev asking questions like that? Honestly, how many percent would you say it’s you? Learned commissioner my butt crack. If all lawyers are any close to these 2 dicks, then hey, anyone could be a lawyer; a tok-kokker, or as in Bee Movie, a blood-sucking parasite (i.e. a mosquito) with a briefcase.

    You’d be forgiven to mistake the Australian Open 2008 Women’s Singles for Women_singles_semifinalists_1a glamour beauty sports pageant or something ever since the semifinals stage. With all the semifinalists being probably also the 4 most good-looking babes on the courts (perhaps along with Vaidisova), a tennis Grand Slam just went a notch sexier. There’s sweet & gorgeous-faced finalist Ana Ivanovic, then there’s ever-smiling Jelena Jankovic, leggy Daniela B_shara_ivano_0126_01Hantuchova & of course, newly-crowned champion Maria Sharapova, who sounds like she’s being humped when she hits all of her shots. All 4 hot, sweaty, athletic, bloody young, pony-tailed women in sleeveless mini skirt outfits, who also happen to be the 4 best players in this grand slam event, what more could you ask for? You can ask for 2 hotter ones among the 4 to be in the final, which was exactly what happened. The new World No.2 looks really good in baby blue too, although she lost.

    I would like to point out the fact that some Malaysian drivers are really total dumbass fuzz-brained lunkheads. With a plan to catch Cloverfield (2nd time for me!) with birthday boy Vishnu & Derrick at Cheras Selatan Jusco, I was rounding the car park with a dozen other cars, scouting for a parking place. Upon spotting a car about to leave its parking spot, the Waja in front of me stopped to wait to snatch the place. I of course had to stop behind him, along with the other cars behind me, till he parked. Inexplicably, the Waja dude started reversing, even when I was behind him. Shocked, I sounded the horn, but the Waja continued reversing slowly, despite my longer (& more annoyed) 2nd honk at him. I could not reverse either since there was a car behind me, & before I knew it – bump. The Waja reversed into my Proton Hero.

    Who the hell reverses without looking? I was just behind him, a bloody safe distance away too! & I wasn’t even moving! & what, he didn’t hear my honks? As I angrily came out to check on any inflicted damage, I can only hope that whatever the reason for the driver’s idiotness is down to him being blind & deaf at the same time, but noooo, a totally normal Chinese man stepped out (normal, except his apparent brain damage), looking all sheepish. Managing to prevent myself from an outburst, I asked him in a most-controlled voice “you reverse never look behind wan kah?” to which he answered “No wor, I didn’t see you.” Excuse me? I, along with the other dozen cars behind me, were circling the car park behind you all the time? I even honked that son-of-a-beach! & unsurprisingly, that jackass just looked at his own bumper, & seeing no apparent scars, went back into his car without a word of apology. Would you like a middle finger, mister?

    Thankfully he only dented my number plate, if not I would have really demonstrated some of my carving artistic creativeness on any part of his car, I swear. Really, I know that most Malaysian drivers, or KL drivers, have no existing road manners & generally don’t use their brains. Swerving lanes without even signaling, staying too close to the front car, beating the red light, no considerence for people crossing roads at all are only some of our infamous Malaysia Boleh on-the-road spirit. & the best of all, the mystery of how some lady drivers suddenly accelerate for no reason from behind when you want to enter their lane with a signal, like they intentionally don’t want you to be in their lane even though they are behind enough.

    But a ‘blind & deaf’ Malaysian driver, who can actually reverse into a completely non-moving car behind even after 2 loud warning honks? That’s a new one. What a brainless unapologetic cow.

    When is our rigged & corrupted election ever going to happen? I’m interested to see what happens, Badawi is obviously not confident at all & coming out with front page statements that are filled with bullshit & lies about achieving & implementing this that when in truth they have done shit. There is no doubt the opposition parties are also a bunch of crap, but with the current government focusing a lot of efforts on banning the nipples of a singer (along with his whole presence) who just wants to be Superman on stage, blaming women who expose their hair & skin of their hands & ankles & whatever for the increasing rape issues, coming out with comments like “if you can’t fight rape, better lay down & enjoy it” (Haji Roselan Johar Mohamed, K. Kinbalu Umno), it is apparent that, after 50 years, the main issue is the need for a change of authorities, despite the obvious fact that there are no right people to govern our country at the moment, & for a long time. & a big booo to Uncle Sam for trying to cheat the public & filter our newspapers, we all know Batu Caves did NOT have the normal big crowds as in previous years.

    Oh, apparently many people are not enjoying the Cloverfield experience. Derrick & Vishnu were dizzy after it, but still enjoyed it. But I’ve been hearing many of my friends dissing it as a waste of time & a “horrible horrible movie”, & a family in the hall left halfway, with the mother grunting “I wanna vommit dy…”. Bummer really, this was easily 1 of the most intense, gripping, unique & horrifyingly brilliant monster movie for some time now. My heart was still beating hard against my chest during my 2nd viewing, especially during those last helicopter scenes.

    I end this entry with the news that shocked me so much I had to stop the car, upon hearing it over the radio. Below are some of his memorable roles in Brokeback Mountain, Ned Kelly, the upcoming The Dark Knight, A Knight’s Tale, 10 Things I Hate About You, The Brothers Grimm, I’m Not There & with Michelle Williams, who he has a daughter with. Heathcliff Andrew Ledger (1979-2008), my heart goes out to you, rest in peace.Heath_ledger

Currently hooked on to: Mika’s drive-happy “Happy Ending”.

Experiencing Cloverfield, Boys & Girls…

    Now on the radio, “Piece of Me” by Britney Spears featuring a poor chicken & excellent vocal engineering.

    Heard over a very important business phone conversation between Mercedes-Benz & Siemens, with Alan on the phone:
“A-lan-kor, jom this Saturday watch movie!”
“Caaann. What movie you want to watch?”
“Jom Cloverfield!”
“Oh yea ohh! Cloverfield! What is it about ah?”

    The less you know, the better, trust me. On Saturday, after getting 3 tickets for Dsc05112‘what everyone knows about but doesn’t really know what it is about’ Cloverfield, Alan brought me to Wong’s Cock, sorry, I mean, Wong Kok restaurant. As interns barely making a living in the city of KL, we chose that place because it probably served the cheaper food in 1U. Upon leaving my cock, I mean, Wong Kok, I bought 2 new work shirts to reimburse myself after the robbery last week while waiting for Melvin to arrive. The signs were good, we were all well rested, food very much solidly in the stomach, & the urge to pee has been relieved. This was all checked in view of the severe nausea & vomit-inducing warnings given by people who have already watched the movie.

    We stepped into what was 1 of the biggest halls I’ve ever been Photo_06_hiresto, armed with the THX system, & we got really good seats too, behind center. After the usual trailer screenings & annoying B-grade advertisements (some complete with mono-sound features), the screen went blankly black. Then coloured stripes appeared with video camera settings written at the edges of the screen. Before we could wonder whether GSC has screwed-up or that we are watching a pirated VCD version of the movie, the movie began. & we were in for a ride. & the ride was awesome.

    If you have not watched the movie, I strictly advise you not to read this review, or any reviews of the movie, & just go in with an open & empty mind.

    If you have watched the movie, or you haven’t but want Photo_18_hiresto read on anyway, well, this movie is the unlikely blockbuster to start 2008. We are 1st introduced to the key characters in the movie through 2 snippets of an old tape of Rob & Beth, & the new recording of Rob’s farewell party. Smart move, as the party cleverly tells me everything I need to know on what is going on between the characters while still keeping me interested. & once the 1st “Boom!” blared on screen, we were thrown right into the thick of action as a monster that clearly has a personal problem with the Statue of Liberty rampages around NY city, viewed through the most durable super-video-camera held miraculously by Hud throughout most of the movie.

    Thanks to the superb scenes & the extra oomph from the THX system, Photo_22_hireswe all felt like we were actually there, running around berserk with Rob, Beth, Lily, Marlena, Jason & Hud, we were all THE video camera, shaking violently & flipping around in the hands of Hud. Fantastic view, awesome sound. Heck the floor beneath me was vibrating! This was probably the closest thing to really feel how it’s like if a monster ever attacks your city. Although if it was in KL, I’d probably be safe from the monster, thanks to the many many new CCTVs set up everywhere. Hey, our government said that would make Malaysia safer right? Scene after scene, with my mouth gaping wide, heart-pumping sequences (the soldiers shooting Photo_19_hiresscene was really intense & it felt like I was really stuck in the middle of the shootout) kept being churned out by JJ Abrams & co along with some really funny moments too (“Oh My God, you know Superman too? Geez I’m feeling a connection…have you heard of Garfield?”). The scene where everyone crowded around the fallen head of the Statue of Liberty & snapping pics was also a brilliant move! But if you think this is just another monster movie where the monster steals the show & the humans are there just to show brave faces & die, you are completely wrong. The fact that I can still remember the names of all the main characters is a testimony of how Beth_rob_1character-driven this movie is. It’s basically a love story (a surprisingly sweet 1 too) told under totally monstrous circumstances. Hey, I even thought the final video of Rob & Beth under the bridge was touching. Oh I’m such a sucker. & the movie did not have a soundtrack! The music only started playing 1.5 minutes after the credits started rolling silently. Wow.

    Hey, even the unknown actors gave really convincing performances, without a single lame moment. They made us feel like we were part of their group as we went through whatever they went through in the harrowing experience, like we really were beside them all along. Oh, & Beth, who is the sole reason for the deaths of everyone, played by Odette Yustman, was basically a sweeter version of Megan Fox. The Photo_16_hiresscene of Marlena exploding (I think) was a bit too abrupt to absorb though. It was nearly an hour after coming out of the hall that the 3 of us, all pumped up, gathered around a table in Old Town Kopitiam unable to stop talking about the movie, finally took notice of some gaping plot holes. But as Alan put it, “this is the 1st movie where we were really satisfied even though we didn’t know where the monster came from, what it was, what the hell it was doing here, & what happens to it in the end.” Yes, some questionable points, like how an impaled Beth, who shouldn’t have been pulled away from the rod in the 1st place, could run down 50 flight of stairs & run around after that without a problem, Photo_20_hires_1or how the 3 could have survived such a high-altitude fall of the helicopter, or why the monster suddenly could activate his stealth-mode before gnawing Hud, were always going to be present. Don’t even get started on how the video camera could have lasted that long. But, that’s for the critics; I was truly thrilled & entertained, & for me, the movie HAD an ending, that is the closure for Rob & Beth. Best of all, thanks to our good seats, none of us felt even the slightest nausea, though Chris in Penang said he almost refilled his pop corn box with puke. Final/current verdict:

Alan, who still wants to act as macho movie critic: 8.5/10 stars
Melvin, who didn’t know anything about the movie beforehand: 11/10 stars
Me, who had high expectations of this movie: 9.5/10 stars
IMDb: 8.1/10 stars
Rotten Tomatoes: 78% fresh!Photo_12_hires

    This is 1 of those movies that will either be loved or loathed by some, but for these 3 jokers, we were united soundly in opinion. I stepped out of the hall with my cup of Coke still 80% full; I forgot to drink it. Never felt this satisfied since Transformers. Oh yea, I didn’t spot this, but apparently there is a splash of water behind Beth in the final scene where she says “I had a nice day”, so you might wanna watch out for it if any of you are going to watch it again. Also, after the credits, there is a voice recording that says “it’s still alive…” when played backwards.

    Overheard in a conversation between Alan & Melvin, who are housemates:
“Oi, do you know that we are running out of toilet paper?”
“Yar, didn’t you realize I started using water this morning?”

    Uh…no comment.

    On another note, it is saddening to read about the headmasters who enforced this separation of male & female students rules in their schools. Hey, even UTP does that at some level. Going back to primary school, I remember boys & girls just mixed freely, & boys like me, we didn’t give a hoot about the fact that girls were girls. We bothered more about how to play harder, how to avoid being caught during those jengkek sessions, & how to pee as fast as possible & get out of the stinking toilet. The funniest moments were shared between guys & girls in my gang (Hsin-Wern & his combo on Jolene) & even female teachers could not escape (yesss, the ever scandalous case involving Joshua & Puan Rosnah, though Joshua maintains he was innocent). Truth be told, we laughed about all of them, simply because there were no intentions, no hidden agenda, it was pure childhood innocence. & it made my school life much more memorable. Of course, as we moved into high school, we were more aware of our hormones, & naturally, even without enforced rules, guys hanged with guys, & girls just naturally hanged with girls. Of course, we did mix around a lot, but naturally the canteen was divided into boys tables & girls tables, & it was common that the person sitting beside you in class was the same gender as you. But to enforce rules such as a gender division in classrooms, allocated gender staircases & corridors would be preposterous! If 2 girls in the form of Poi Li & Yi Lin were not allowed to sit just in front of my table in classes, I probably would have failed subjects like Chemistry, Maths & Biology, considering the number of lab reports & homework I copied from them. Of course some sexual remarks & jokes between guys & girls were aplenty, you can’t avoid those in high school, it was normal interaction.

    Of course, back then, the number of sexual cases was not as alarming as they are today, & tragedies of young kids being kidnapped & brinjal-inserting were unheard of. In view of these cases, I acknowledge the fact that something needs to be done, but I highly doubt something as extreme as what these headmasters are doing will be fruitful in any way. The fact that those chickens are avoiding any press contact is enough proof. Looking at how much more memorable my school life was because of the shared moments between boys & girls, I can’t help but feel that the more people are controlled, the more we are curious, & the more we want to become uncontrolled, leading to worse consequences. Can we ever come up with a solution? Where did we go wrong, that Malaysia is now inhabited with truly inhuman sicko bastards?

    I was about to launch into a long paragraph about our screwed-up government, but then I decided to backspace everything, simply because enough has been said by a lot of other people. We all know the reason Malaysia still thrives on so-called TOLERANCE & harmony is because the minority TOLERATES the majority in the race population. It’s when you ruffle our feathers, then we will make an issue.

    Maybe that Cloverfield monster will come to Malaysia & trample on all our stupid ministers (starting with Uncle Sam) & save us the hassle of trying to overcome a corrupted, rigged & inept election in our process to get the right people to govern our country.

What Was Stolen, Watched, Seen & Heart-felt…

    STOLEN! John Master, Padini & Mercedes-Benz formal shirts, all stolen!

    This is the scenario. Kevin hangs his formal work shirts at the porch to dry 1 fine Sunday. Robbers arrive a night, break in to neighbour’s house to rob computer. Robbers notice clothes that include colourful underwears, shirts & shorts hanging at the porch of the house next door. Robbers selectively steal 3 shirts from the collection. Robbers even decide to be cheeky & leaves the hangars of the shirts on the floor. Kevin wakes up following morning to find hangars, colourful underwears, & shorts, but no shirts. Kevin curses like a sailor.

    Those picky bastards. Okay fine, at least they didn’t break in to my house or anything, & sure, I could probably sing Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable” about the shirts, but still, the annoyance of it! Damn. They could have just stole some of my undies (they were colourful ones!) & I wouldn’t Renditionhave minded that.

    Just watched Rendition in 1U with bro & his gal (I’ve been tagging around a lot with them lately), which was typically slow-moving, dramatic & climatic at the end. Boasting an all-star cast, the messing up of the plot’s time-line made the movie much more interesting (you’ll know when you reach the end). Downside was the limited & underdeveloped screen time for Meryl Streep & the legally blonde Reese Witherspoon, but otherwise, 011808it was not too bad. Best moment of the movie? Jake Gylenhaal’s dumbfounded expression upon hearing “You know they have a saying. Men must beat their wifes every morning…something something… (can’t remember the rest)”. Upon watching the extremely interesting Cloverfield trailer before the movie, I came to a conclusion that that’s the next movie (a seeming combination of Blair Witch Project & War of the Worlds that’s production was surrounded with secrecy) I want to watch.

    Alert: Jessica Alba getting pregnant, VJ Sarah Tan getting hitched to that Jien ass (not that he is an ass, just that because he’s getting married to Sarah, so now he’s an ass), & Kristin Kreuk playing Chun Li in the new Chun Li movie (totally unrelated to this); who does that leave me with?!

    Unfortunately for them, I also gleefully tagged along with bro & gal as they went location-scouting for their future wedding reception plans. Among the places we hopped around were Subang Sheriton, Golden Horses & Cyberview Lodge. Dsc05027Highlight of the whole scouting sessions were the fantastic display of skin by bikini-clad orang-puteh chicks tanning themselves by swimming pools. I didn’t have the balls to snap any pics, however I did take this picture from afar. If you look properly, you can see a young girl reading at the table by the pool. Don’t you just love when foreign chicks read under the sun by the pool? I love it because they usually read a novel or something. With Malaysian girls, you would probably have a higher chance of seeing a copy of the latest Cleo or Cosmo in their hands. In an unlikely situation where novels are sexier than fashion magazines, I was just taken by how beautiful the whole sight was as a whole.

    In light of events that rocked 2007 such as the assasination of Benazir Bhutto, England not qualifying for Euro 2008, & Dumbledore being gay, Hui_yithese 2 pictures represent what was most heart-warming to me. The smiling face of 14-year-old Tee Hui Yi, the petite girl who survived 2 heart transplants & 6 failed potential donors, embodies an overwhelming miracle that transcends words. Boy, has she grown. Somehow, her journey & story shines like a beacon of light amongst the ugly darkness clouding Malaysia. With everything that is happening, from the latest shooting of Datuk S. Krishnasamy, the disappearance of Sharlinie, Hui_yi_2 the blatant irresponsibility & stupidity of the government & police in nabbing DVD distributors rather then producing any leads on the Jazlin case, to the ever arcane question of who Khairy Jamaluddin really is & his influence (in other words, how big his asshole is), the glowing smiles from Tee Hui Yi show hope, & that perhaps, the world is worth living in, & for, after all. Hope you can start having your favourite KFC soon, Hui Yi!

    Leaving for Pekan tomorrow, following a colleague for SIRIM parts inspection of 40 Actros trucks at the Mercedes-Benz manufacturing plant on Monday morning. On an unrelated note, have you ever noticed that every person who drives faster than you is a mad ass while every person that drives slower than you is an idiot?

Here’s To A “Healthy” 2008…

    Overheard in office:

“Not bad, the fella can last damn long…what, 44 minutes? 55 minutes?”
“Something like that…got Disc 1 & Disc 2 sommore!”
“Yalar…that’s why he’s our HEALTH MINISTER!”

    As Malaysians usher into 2008 with news that our Health Minister had been extra healthy (& recorded himself, or was recorded, or whatever, being ding dong healthy), I wonder why the big news splattered across newspapers are about the video’s scandalous nature. They should instead be raving about how the heck a 61-year-old can actually last that long! I mean, hey, that’s probably what qualified him for the post in the 1st place! I can imagine the interview:

“So Dr. Chua, tell me, what makes you think you are good enough for this job as Malaysia’s Health Minister?”
(Typical Dr. Chua’s no-nonsense style)

“Because I can shag a much younger chick for almost an hour, no problemo.”

“Wow! Macam Austin Powers la you! You are hired!”

    Okay, jokes aside, the fella isn’t doing himself much favour by all his crap talking after he resigned. Stop talking & blaming stupid reasons, & admit you made a mistake. The dude’s not even sorry he did it, that bugger! Man. Anyway, the media should also stop making such a big hoo-haa of this issue either, I don’t see them making soooo much fuss about corrupt politicians, which in my view, are as scandalous. I mean, the cover of Hannah Tan’s debut album (her in a smoking hot bikini) was waa-a-ay more erection-influencing than the possibility of Dr. Chua’s 1 Night in Katerina Hotel, Batu Pahat DVD being in the market.

    Also overheard in the office: “Eiy! Got picture of Indians ady!” Colleague exclaimed, while pointing at a picture in The Star. “These bastards, never post pictures of Indians before, after Hindraf issue, then only tarok har!” He had a point, my colleague. How may pictures of Indians have you actually seen in The Star before the Hindraf issue?

    Anyway, the end of 2007 to the welcoming of 2008 was pretty eventful, Jessicaalbaparademi1with Jamie Lynn Spears getting knocked-up, the Wanita Rempah reunion, Westlife still singing covers, but for me, the biggest news was Jessica Alba, MY Jessica Alba, the cause for this world’s jantans’ wet dreams, is preggers! Okay, I didn’t even know the word “preggers” existed, credit to Hot magazine for creating this word. Back to the issue…DAMN! Alba is pregnant! Yup, many guys can now scratch her name off their list of ‘Celebrities I Would Like To Hump Before I Die’. For the next 9 months, at least.

    Closer to home, our government continues to make many empty promises. It’s always the same thing, a problem will occur, a committee to handle the issue will be set up, then a committee to handle the committee that handled the issue will be set up…at this rate they are giving a lot of people committee posts to just…I have no idea. Oh yea, effective from 2nd January my company will be known as simply Mercedes-Benz Malaysia. Works fine for me, not many people know what is the company behind the brand anyway.

    Overheard in the office: “Okay, but I have to unzip first before you can see all…”. Unzip a zipped file on the computer, not what you think…

    I’m sorry if I sound a tad messy here with jumbled topics, I’m just typing away with whatever comes across my mind since I’ve been accumulating topics to blog about in my mind for more than 2 weeks now. I’ve been wanting to say this about The Golden Compass for a very long time, it SUCKETH. Oh man, this was so like what I felt after Eragon. Well, at least Eragon’s storybook sucked, so they had not much to make a movie from, but Phillip Pullman’s novels actually were fascinating! Sure, I didn’t quite enjoy the books as much as the Potters, but they were interesting enough. The Golden Compass was oh-so-messy, with the most horrible ending, & what a sin to give Eva Green (& her fruits) & Daniel Craig so little screen time. Photo_23_hiresI also do not understand what the raves about Dakota Blue Richards’ performance were all about, I found her simply kayu! I have to confess however that Nicole Kidman was spot-on as Mrs. Coulter, a beautiful one at that. National Treasure: Book of Secrets was entertaining, but very much forgettable. The plot does not make sense once again, but of course, Diane Kruger is positioned there to distract all of us from the story, she is 1 hot babe. It sure is handy to have a hot babe to almost save the movie, just like Kidman did for Golden Compass, & Sienna Guillory’s hot elf for Eragon.

    With 2007 supplying a healthy dose of blockbusters that rocked & sucked,Darkknightposter1 2008 looks as pleasing. Top of my list would be The Dark Night (Heath Ledger’s Joker looks pissing scary), while Harrison-Han-Solo-Ford makes a comeback as Indy Jones, not forgetting Robert Downey Jr. as Orang Besi. Not too interested in Prince Caspian however, because, frankly, the lead kid characters just are plain uninteresting. I mean, look at the Potter movies, they rely a lot on the strength & chemistry between the 3 leads, that continues to grow. Hey, even Radcliffe is beginning to act now. Hermione…oh Hermione.

    Oh oh oh…I almost forgot. Switchfoot is coming to town! February 2nd, KLCC Convention Centre! I came into office on 3rd January being surprised by Anida, the Sharifah Amani lookalike girl who sits in front of my cubicle. Switchfoot_1“I’ve got good news for you.” – “Ape? Gaji naik?” – “Switchfoot coming to KL!”

    I bought the tickets for both Chris & I right after work that day itself. After missing Muse last year, ain’t gonna miss another chance like this! Tickets are going at RM120+RM3, so guys, hurry up!

    I think I gotta stop here, the main reason being I gotta go to the loo. I’m in Starbucks now actually, ripping the benefit of a RM11 cup of Caramel Machia-whatever-tto. I just realized the brilliant side of Starbucks going wireless. As the main part of what they are serving is coffee-based, & since coffee induces the urge to go pee, that means you can’t really stay at Starbucks to use their wireless access for too long anyway. Starbuckggers.

    In the spirit of racial unity, I end this entry with this story I heard from someone, about a new school principal giving his motivational welcoming speech to his board of teachers in a meeting.

Principal : “We must always work hard, work smart, & smile always!”
Teacher 1, whispering to Teacher 2: “Yeala…the Indians work hard, the Chinese work smart, & the Malays smile always!”

    Joking-lah. I think.

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