What Was Stolen, Watched, Seen & Heart-felt…

by KV

    STOLEN! John Master, Padini & Mercedes-Benz formal shirts, all stolen!

    This is the scenario. Kevin hangs his formal work shirts at the porch to dry 1 fine Sunday. Robbers arrive a night, break in to neighbour’s house to rob computer. Robbers notice clothes that include colourful underwears, shirts & shorts hanging at the porch of the house next door. Robbers selectively steal 3 shirts from the collection. Robbers even decide to be cheeky & leaves the hangars of the shirts on the floor. Kevin wakes up following morning to find hangars, colourful underwears, & shorts, but no shirts. Kevin curses like a sailor.

    Those picky bastards. Okay fine, at least they didn’t break in to my house or anything, & sure, I could probably sing Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable” about the shirts, but still, the annoyance of it! Damn. They could have just stole some of my undies (they were colourful ones!) & I wouldn’t Renditionhave minded that.

    Just watched Rendition in 1U with bro & his gal (I’ve been tagging around a lot with them lately), which was typically slow-moving, dramatic & climatic at the end. Boasting an all-star cast, the messing up of the plot’s time-line made the movie much more interesting (you’ll know when you reach the end). Downside was the limited & underdeveloped screen time for Meryl Streep & the legally blonde Reese Witherspoon, but otherwise, 011808it was not too bad. Best moment of the movie? Jake Gylenhaal’s dumbfounded expression upon hearing “You know they have a saying. Men must beat their wifes every morning…something something… (can’t remember the rest)”. Upon watching the extremely interesting Cloverfield trailer before the movie, I came to a conclusion that that’s the next movie (a seeming combination of Blair Witch Project & War of the Worlds that’s production was surrounded with secrecy) I want to watch.

    Alert: Jessica Alba getting pregnant, VJ Sarah Tan getting hitched to that Jien ass (not that he is an ass, just that because he’s getting married to Sarah, so now he’s an ass), & Kristin Kreuk playing Chun Li in the new Chun Li movie (totally unrelated to this); who does that leave me with?!

    Unfortunately for them, I also gleefully tagged along with bro & gal as they went location-scouting for their future wedding reception plans. Among the places we hopped around were Subang Sheriton, Golden Horses & Cyberview Lodge. Dsc05027Highlight of the whole scouting sessions were the fantastic display of skin by bikini-clad orang-puteh chicks tanning themselves by swimming pools. I didn’t have the balls to snap any pics, however I did take this picture from afar. If you look properly, you can see a young girl reading at the table by the pool. Don’t you just love when foreign chicks read under the sun by the pool? I love it because they usually read a novel or something. With Malaysian girls, you would probably have a higher chance of seeing a copy of the latest Cleo or Cosmo in their hands. In an unlikely situation where novels are sexier than fashion magazines, I was just taken by how beautiful the whole sight was as a whole.

    In light of events that rocked 2007 such as the assasination of Benazir Bhutto, England not qualifying for Euro 2008, & Dumbledore being gay, Hui_yithese 2 pictures represent what was most heart-warming to me. The smiling face of 14-year-old Tee Hui Yi, the petite girl who survived 2 heart transplants & 6 failed potential donors, embodies an overwhelming miracle that transcends words. Boy, has she grown. Somehow, her journey & story shines like a beacon of light amongst the ugly darkness clouding Malaysia. With everything that is happening, from the latest shooting of Datuk S. Krishnasamy, the disappearance of Sharlinie, Hui_yi_2 the blatant irresponsibility & stupidity of the government & police in nabbing DVD distributors rather then producing any leads on the Jazlin case, to the ever arcane question of who Khairy Jamaluddin really is & his influence (in other words, how big his asshole is), the glowing smiles from Tee Hui Yi show hope, & that perhaps, the world is worth living in, & for, after all. Hope you can start having your favourite KFC soon, Hui Yi!

    Leaving for Pekan tomorrow, following a colleague for SIRIM parts inspection of 40 Actros trucks at the Mercedes-Benz manufacturing plant on Monday morning. On an unrelated note, have you ever noticed that every person who drives faster than you is a mad ass while every person that drives slower than you is an idiot?