We Oppose!

    “Huuu huuuu…Samy Velluuuuuuu…the best news in the world!”

    That reaction from my dad says it all yesterday, when the idiot box declared the news of Uncle Sam’s highly-anticipated defeat at Sungai Siput. That, coming from a 61-year-old, mind you.

    “Finally”. That’s the perfect word to sum up the political tsunami that swamped Malaysia. & though we sort of expected it, but we sure as hell didn’t predict it would be this thunderous. Winds of change? More like a hurricane of change, I figure.

   With 5 states in the Opposition hands, as well as almost all key areas in KL (the rather cute Nurul Izzah trouncing old Shahrizat), it is time for the Opposition show us what they can do. Yes, they might not be able to change much for these coming 5 years with BN likely to limit funds to the 5 states anyway, but a change has to be initiated. You guys got our vote, now it’s time you prove to us that our votes weren’t wasted. & I do hope no one is stupid enough to go on a public victory parade again. Please, do not stupidly give a chance to those Umno blokes to instigate another riot and put the blame on the Chinese (yes, I’m talking about another May 13th).

    On a day when even the likes of Koh Tsu Koon & Chew Mei Fun were ousted, good news also came when ZAM, our public-humiliation Information Minister lost as well. But nothing could have even come close to the relief of the end of Uncle Sam’s reign. Hey, it was even reported the chap with the prosperous belly said he was going to go back home to have a bath before results were announced. It was definitely the longest bath in his life, for he never came back to the polling center. At least Koh portrayed himself to be a gentleman of a loser, conceding defeat & handling the press with emotions controlled as well as he could (that defeated face was hard to hide even for the strongest of men).

    The results in KL reflect the colossal difference between voters from different backgrounds. Yes, to put it bluntly, only the foolish & (forgive me if I’m insulting anyone) the kampung people will eat up BN’s crap talk. The young, especially those in the city, are highly likely to ponder what was written in Malaysia Today rather than lap up the lies BN forces upon local newspapers. Indeed we would choose alternative media over Government-controlled media anytime. Look at the papers & TV news today. Instead of covering the rise of the Opposition, they focused & blabbered on & on about BN’s “gracefulness” in accepting defeat & EC declaring that the shocking results were proof that the election was not rigged (oh, so now you’re talking eh?). Puhleeeeze. Don’t even get me started on the covered-up indelible ink fiasco.

    The defeats in Penang & Perak displays the strong dissastifaction among Chinese voters. To be fair, I don’t think they had issues with MCA, it was more like voting against Umno. Moreover, BN would have even struggled to get past the half mark in the Parliamentary seats race if not for their sweep in Perlis, Johor & the least-demanding people in Sabah & Sarawak. Take Sabah & Sarawak out of the equation, & see what Peninsular gives you, simple.

    It’s too early to rejoice, people. Yes, we have prevented BN the 2/3 majority, & 5 states were claimed. With 82 Parliamentary seats, the Opposition voices were never stronger than now. But will they improve things & bring to debate the issues of the people, or will they add to the existing crap & simply continue the Dewan Rakyat’s tradition of tok-kokking? Even if we get past that, words mean nothing without action, which was basically the simple reason that explains BN’s downfall in the eyes of many people like me. We say BN’s motto is simply “Plan well (& forget about implementation)”. Will Badawi still continue to sleep for 4-5 years & only wake up during election period? All I know now is that there will definitely be more noise in the parliament, that’s for sure.

    I do not believe that the Opposition will be much (or any) better a government than the BN people, at least for the near future. I just hope that this colossal slap in the face will wake our government up to our voices, & that the opposing team will make them improve. For starters, BN must use whatever remaining balls they have to admit their mistakes. The word “change” has been used almost always as a motto or slogan in any parties or candidates running in the elections in any parts of the world, but that word has never been more significant in Malaysia than right about now.

   In the mean time, most in the BN clan are probably thinking: “F**k, wasted all our efforts & money in patching up the pot holes & roads in the past weeks!”, while Uncle Sam probably does not want to step out of that bathroom cubicle of his, ever.