by KV

    If I were a friend to a Rakan Masjid member, then would I be called…Rakan-Rakan Masjid?

    Uh-oh. A PAS Menteri Besar for Perak? So what now? These scenarios flew past my mind:

1. A bunch of us headed to the usual mamak stall for supper. As I was about to order my usual Maggi Goreng, the mapeleh dude says to me: “Bos, sini pompoan dodok la. Laki kena dodok seblah sana…” to which he adds “…jauh jauh seblah sana.”

2. Walking into the famous Lou Wong Taugeh Chicken shop, I noticed a newly-erected huge notice board on the wall bearing the word HALAL.

3. I sweared “Babi!” when I knocked my toe against a rock & the next thing I knew, I ended up spending a night behind bars for promoting an illegal animal in public.

4. I go with me girl to TGV Kinta City Ipoh to catch a movie. That night, we watched the same movie but in different halls, allocated according to gender. I ended up sharing my pop corn with some other girl’s boyfriend.

5. A new 24-hour mobile clinic team will be going from house to house across the state to implement the new compulsory “Lelaki Bersih Jantan Sejati, Sunatlah!” program. Special offer: First 1000 dicks get free & painless cuts. Free-of-charge services to boys yet to hit puberty as well as impotent men.

    Okay OKAY, I’m exaggerating.

    But though the scenarios above look seriously far-fetched at 1st glance, not all are as outrageous as first thought. I’m studying in a university in Perak, & the thought of going back there this July after my internship finishes for my final year gives me a tinge of frusfration. I am all for a Malaysian instead of a Malay, a Chinese or an Indian, believe me. But I more then understand DAP’s fear of PAS & it’s Islamic State ideology. & you can’t blame DAP for championing their so-called ketuanan Cina, how can you when we’ve all been subjected to ketuanan Melayu for so long without choice? & you can’t blame us Chinese for feeling a little cautious on this Perak MB tussle. Penang’s DAP declaring that they will not practise the heavily racial-based NEP, & Umno Malays are already protesting at Komtar. 1 bangsa? Yearite, a slight threat to their special privileges & they start protesting in the streets.

    Take a look at my university. They ban all religious societies or activities, but the biggest legal society in our university is Mosque Friends (RM, in BM). The organization, obviously a certain religious 1, not only makes up almost the entire student body council, they also seem to have been given full power & authority over all students of all races & religion. You are walking with a girl innocently at night & a group of KJ Mat Rempit wannabes encircle you & force you to go back to your own rooms. During music competition events like Euphonious (a battle of the bands) & Star Search (a singing competition) protesters linger at the hall entrances trying to convince the crowd to not attend such “haram” entertainment events, even giving out brochures on how “haram” these stuff were. An anti-RM blog comes up & they simply & randomly interrogate students whom they “suspect” are involved with the blog. Worse, during public events like our Convocation Fair & the Malam Merdeka, male & female seatings were segregated. The public consisting of our parents & family had first-hand view. What, you thought only those schools that appeared in the papers had gender segregation rules? No, it’s beginning to enlarge in my own darn uni. It does not matter whether you are Indian, Chinese, Christian, Buddhist, Taoist, Hindraf-ist or even if you worship a toilet bowl, you are still, however indirectly, subjected to their rules. Not university rules, but their rules. It’s like they are already forming their own government at university level, creating their own authority, these friends of a mosque.

    I’m not anti-Malay, in fact far from it. I also love my own university, despite this looming issue. I know that there are excellent individuals among the RM people & my Malay counterparts, as well as I know that there are bad seeds among us Chinese as well. My primary school Malay mates & my current colleagues in my department are examples of great individuals. But it’s stuff like what’s happening in politics & places closer to me, like my university, that supports my cautious approach to news like Perak’s new MB. If something like this is in full implementation without limitation in a university, what more in a whole bloody country? I will not waste my time debating why Perak’s new MB is from PAS despite them having least seats among the opposition, nor argue about the constitution, I have already accepted that. Nor would I discuss how Khairy lost at 1st count, ordered a recount & suddenly won by a 5000 majority at Rembau. Quite simply, with BN gaining less than 50% of the total votes in Peninsular, showing how strong the Opposition is right now, I just hope that the 5 scenarios above will remain as outrageous & far-fetched as they first seemed. We asked for a change, but not this manner of a change. The new MB for Perak is positioned at the top of a crucial mixed state, & he’s in a great position to lead a positive change for all races. Let this not be a downhill fight for him & us, but a shining chance & hope for more growth in overcoming racial & religious lines towards us being true Malaysians.

    For now, can I instead just be a Rakan Jessica Alba? That, she can implement whatever rules she wants, yea baby.