The Truckers Slay Them All!

by KV

    On the 26th of April (last Saturday), the annual Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Inter-Department Badminton Tournament took place at Menara TM’s Multipurpose Hall. Each participating department team consisted of 2 pairs of men doubles & 1 pair of mix doubles (+ reserves), where each round winner will be determined by the best of 3. Among some of the teams that participated were representatives from Sales & Marketing Passenger Cars Dept, Finance & Controlling Dept, Pekan Assemblying Plant, Commercial Vehicles (MB & Fuso) Dept & students from the Mercedes-Benz Academy Training Centre.

MBCV Team A & B

MB Commercial Vehicles Team A & Team B together, in our Mitsubishi Fuso kit

Team ATC

MB Academy Training Centre

Finance & Controlling Dept.

& the best-dressed award goes to…Finance & Controlling Dept, har har

The trophies at stake

The trophies with the famous star logo

    The day belonged to my team, Slayer (Commercial Vehicles Team A) which beat hot favourites See-Da-Hand (Academy Training Centre, ATC) in the final 2-1 to emerge overall champions. Our 1st men doubles pairing, Gary & Kamarol, did superbly in disposing the 1st pairing from ATC (1 of them was a super-smasher state player by the way) in 3 hard-fought sets, especially in the 1st set which they won only by a mere point. See-Da-Hand leveled the team score when they trounced us in the mix doubles match, before Jason & I took the court in the final decisive 2nd men doubles match. We took the 1st set rather convincingly, before losing the 2nd set meekly. Thankfully we both regained our form, & my partner was really good, so I just had to support him in the 3rd set, to finally land the needed winning point for the team. The Joker (Finance & Controlling Dept.), led by their very own Vice President Ralph Kirshmer, ended up taking 3rd placing.

1st Men Doubles

Our 1st men doubles in action against ATC


How to play against the pairing of the Vice President & Senior Manager in charge of our company’s finances? You beat them, they cut funds for your gaji. Luckily HR dept. didn’t play…


Su Wen got the biggest cheers for cutest & confused look of the day…& that fitting shirt


Yours truly in action in the final…this time in our MBCV kit

    As the tournament was played in the 21-point format, mistakes proved costly throughout our entire game. I played so “kan-cheong”ly at times that Gary warned me rather menacingly just before the final: “Kevin you better play with your brains ah! You don’t use your brains I straaaangle you ah!”, hahaha. I also seemed to have suffered the 2nd set disease, because I won every 1st set & then lost every 2nd set in every round all the way to the final, which meant every game I played went to rubber sets. What the heck man.

With Ralph

Receiving my trophy from Ralph Kirshmer, V. President of Finance & Controlling Dept


With our champion trophies…the truck slayers! Ok, that was lame…

    All in all, it was indeed a spirited experience, filled with laughs especially from the super hyper mix doubles team from Pekan who fumbled their way through their match in the 1st round. The girls who participated certainly liven up things & kept everything less serious. Some of our umpires made us laugh when they got confused, losing count using the unpopular 21-point format. At the end of the day, it was all in good spirit & sportsmanship, & of course, fun.