2.704…or 2.700

by KV

“Oh! Fark wank bugger shitting arse head and hole!” – Billy Mack from Love Actually, 2003.

Look, I totally understand the increase of the fuel price that we unfortunate Malaysians have to pay from today onwards. It would be utterly impossible for the wankers we have in the government to continue the same subsidy, taking in consideration the shocking current global fuel price while these dickheads continue to spurge our money on other white elephant crap & not going to the root of our problems.

Grand sale! Petrol at 40% off! Final day offer!

What I have a problem with is, the head of the wankers (some of you may refer to him as the Prime Minister) actually promised us all before the election that his government of testicles will not increase the fuel price in 2008.


Of course, we all knew it was pre-election bullshit at that time, but now is the part where we can actually say “I farking told you so!”. These lunkheads did not even actually win the election. Take the dozens of small BN component parties outside Peninsular out of the equation, & the 1 million phantom votes, & voila! BN no more.

& that testicle still had the balls to announce that RM625 yearly rebate like it’s some sort of privilege. Yeah, like that’s gonna help a lot for the average vehicle users. After all, this is only the beginning, they are gonna increase a lot more other things. Everything goes up, gaji tarak naik, we citizens suffer, while BN wives have 9 million bucks in an account; you tell me what’s wrong with that picture. Our dear PM then goes on to compare us with neighbouring countries, when bloody hell Malaysia is an oil-producing country! What about our jaw-droppingly embarasssing public transportation system? What about the prices of foreign imported cars that are so farking higher just because you government assholes want to protect your local car manufacturers? Think about that before comparing Lah!

Before & after: Dengan RM1.00, semalam you boleh beli ini macam banyak air kencing, start hari nih beli kencing ini macam sikit saje!

As usual, our country leaders never look to the root of the problem, & just takes the easy way out. What about using our money to REALLY START improving our public transportation system to be cleaner & more reliable, for a start? What about giving more effort in promoting & bringing in hybrid cars, or encouraging NGV installations & increasing NGV stations? Anything! The list goes on and on, but really, does the government even look like they are heading plans to reduce Malaysia’s dependency on petrol & diesel? Nope, in the past 5 years we can only say we sent a man on a vacation in space while Malaysia continues to dig herself a deeper grave hole back on Earth.

Don’t they ever learn? Now a girl can’t even walk outside her home alone, a child cannot play in the playground freely, but still the leaders of our country remain the same. They continue their hopeless tradition of creating bullshit, wait for a problem to arise from that bullshit then only form committees to “discuss efforts” to find a solution. If (& that’s a big IF) problem is solved temporarily on the surface, then they wait for other problems to arise so that other “discussions” to find other solutions could be initiated.

There will be positive outcomes from this heap of baja kerbau. Perhaps, we will learn to spend more wisely, we will utilize energy more efficiently & road demons will learn to minimize over-accelerating unnecessarily. Perhaps, aunties & tuition-moms (Malaysia’s version of soccer moms) will drive using their brains for once, while soon we might see Ah Bengs in un-pimped stock Kancils & Mat Rempits on bicycles. Perhaps, the next Satria GTi race in Sepang will be replaced by the Kancil Grand Prix.

But still.

“Oh! Fark wank bugger shitting arse head and hole!”