by KV

Heyo, it has been some time since I actually reviewed anything in particular. Anyway, I was just watching the latest episode of Bones on my laptop, & during this particular tender moment between the 2 leads the thought of writing about “Chemistry!” blazed through my ears into my brain. By chemistry, I mean that invisible but sizzling spark & connection (be it love or hate) between characters in any ways on the big screen or the idiot box that we just love to watch & tune into week by week, that unmistakable but inexplainable force that just seems to be ever present between 2 or more characters in a show (or any other similar presentation) that blows off light bulbs, sends tingling sensations down your spine, warms your heart to bits & at times, will “menaikkan your bulu roma”, sometimes becoming the only reason to watch the show. So, armed with plenty of time back at home during these holidays, here is a round-up of my favourites for on-screen chemistry from the top of my head, coming from whatever that I have watched & come across so far, in any random aspects & categories (not just romantically or sexually-lah).

:: Noah Calhoun & Allie Hamilton from The Notebook ::

Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams

Noah & Allie

The 2nd couple that flew into mind (after the X-Files leads), Gosling & McAdams (who became real lovebirds later, then broke-up) brought Noah & Allie’s magnificent story to life in the most moving of ways. McAdams in particular gave Allie that extra burst of enigmatic energy & spunk, & together with Noah’s average-Joe-with-a-big-heart, became the leads of easily 1 of the most heartwarming, gushy, cheesy & beautiful romance story ever brought to the big screen. Tissues, please.

:: Tony Stark & Pepper Potts from Iron Man ::

Robert Downey Jr. & Gwyneth Paltrow

Tony & Pepper

This was the only thing Iron Man had that was missing from all other superhero movies – serious sexual tension & chemistry between the hero & the female lead. Everyone knows how well Downey Jr. fitted into Stark’s shoes, & boy did Paltrow look mighty fine as Stark’s most trusted aide. Every scene having these 2 together gave me serious goose bumps, from Pepper welcoming Stark back at the air base, to the ever endearing “heart”-replacement scene.

:: Danny Ocean & Rusty Ryan from Ocean’s 11, 12 & 13 ::

George Clooney & Brad Pitt

Danny & Rusty

Clooney has great charisma, Pitt is smooth all the way. They finish each other’s lines, know each other’s thoughts & moves, & their banters were extremely smart & witty. But what’s best is both did not try to hog all the glory; resulting in both being very slick leads without taking away the entire “Ocean’s” ensemble feel of the movie. Suffice to say these 2 are the coolest duo in the list. Man that laughing scene in Ocean’s Twelve still leaves me in stitches.

:: Bella Swan & Edward Cullen from Twilight ::

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson

Bella & Edward

I probably added this because I just watched the movie recently, which was so-so & rather bland (but with some excruciatingly horrible special effects & camera work), but seriously I could not deny the burning blaze Bella & Edward had for each other. Nothing better but to pair an awkward quiet teen (played perfectly by the most expressionless actress ever, Kristen Stewart) & a very beautiful male “vegetarian” vampire (Pattinson was brilliant by the way) together for a little romancing, eh?

:: Kale & Ronnie from Disturbia ::

Shia LaBeouf & Aaron Yoo

Kale & Ronnie

I do not know why these 2 dudes came to mind, but when I recalled why Disturbia was such an entertaining thriller, 1 of the main factors I reasoned out was the hilarious antics & friendship of Kale & Ronnie (what a great comedic turn from Yoo!). Pop in a hot chick in between & tadaaa~, the movie went on to become a surprise hit.

:: Michael Clayton & Karen Crowder from Michael Clayton ::

George Clooney & Tilda Swinton

Michael & Karen

Damn was this Oscar-winning film a thriller. Clooney is excellent as a “fixer” & Swinton gave an intensely edgy performance as a desperate corporate attorney, & it was satisfyingly stunning to watch how Clooney verbally walloped Swinton’s ass in that final climatic scene.

:: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley & Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter movies ::

Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint & Emma Watson


Say whatever you want about the Potter movies, it does not change the fact that the 3 leads have done an amazing job in bringing Harry, Ron & Hermione to life. We love to see them together, & we’ve seen them grow from kiddie cuties to mature blokes & a hottie (& a much more convincing & improving Radcliffe). Comparing especially to the irritating Narnia kids, this trio certainly are a joy to watch.

:: Fox Mulder & Dana Scully from The X-Files ::

David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson

Mulder & Scully

Do I even need to elaborate? We all knew this was going to be included in every “on-screen chemistry” list, & deservingly, Mulder & Scully is the mother of all couples in a TV series, ever & ever & ever & ever after, & a perfect example of a believer against a skeptic. Romantic or platonic? We all know, but I guess the truth is still out there. & yeah, seeing Mulder & Scully together again was the only positive thing out of the dull latest movie, The X-Files: I Want To Believe.

:: Temperance ‘Bones’ Brennan & Seeley Booth from Bones ::

Emily Deschanel & David Boreanaz

Bones & Booth

The best since Mulder-Scully & my favourite duo at the moment, this is another classic example of 2 clashing egos having a ridiculously strong sexual tension & electrifying chemistry. Deschanel is extremely convincing as the lonely & cynical anthropologist, & pairing her with the comedic & charming Booth made this otherwise-quite-generic crime series 1 of my most loved series. & the 2 certainly are getting more & more comfortable with each other…more please! Oh, the rest of the cast are not too bad either, especially the brilliant & quirky squints in Zack & Hodgins.

:: Blair Waldorf & Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl ::

Leighton Meester & Ed Westwick

Chuck & Blair

For many of the women (& men too), Chuck Bass is the only reason why Gossip Girl is worth watching. & really, could we ever get enough of the slick & manipulative games Blair & Chuck play, whether on others or on each other? We know they love each other, & the sexual attraction between them is scorching hot. Oh yes, we know we love them too.

:: Lorelai & Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls ::

Lauren Graham & Alexis Bledel


They are the perfect mother-daughter team, the mother the lively bubbly one & the daughter the more mature & often rational one. These 2 were inseparable, Bledel & Graham even looked dazzlingly alike! So what if this was a chick film, I’m still having a hard time getting over the anguish felt over the ending of this series. No more bullet-speed interchanges of dialogues, witty & sarcastic banter, no more Friday night dinners…

:: Clark Kent & Lana Lang from Smallville Season 1-3 ::

Tom Welling & Kristin Kreuk

Clark & Lana

I’ve stopped regularly watching Smallville at Season 4 (despite a refreshing introduction of a voluptuous Erica Durance as Lois Lane). Frankly Smallville always had ridiculous plots, but who could resist the intense love & chemistry of Clark & the gorgeous Lana in the first few seasons? Disappointingly Lana has morphed into a horrible character in the later seasons, & though now Clark & Lois have some real spark going on, the glowing & unspoken love Clark & Lana had in Season 1 & 2 remained most memorable.

:: Jack Shepard & Kate Austen from Lost ::

Matthew Fox & Evangeline Lilly

Jack & Kate

Though these 2 started off really well, this is another case of “will they bloody ever get together?”. It is however saddening to see Kate turning from the hottest criminal fugitive ever to a rather confused slut, but still, these two look really good together, & still sends sparks flying whenever they gaze into each other’s eyes.

:: Ephram Brown & Amy Abbott from Everwood ::

Gregory Smith & Emily VanCamp

Amy & Ephram

The intense drama between Ephram & his dad aside, we watched in agony as Ephram & Amy dwelled through all the ups & downs before finally ending up together in the season finale. The odd but beguilingly sweet connection that Ephram & Amy shared made this series even more poignant & beautiful than it already was. Everybody together now – aawwwwwww~.

:: Liz Parker & Max Evans from Roswell ::

Shiri Appleby & Jason Behr

Liz & Max

Liz Parker was by far 1 of the sweetest & most endearing female characters ever in any TV series back then, & Jason Behr put his expressionless & monotonous personality to full use to play a lovesick alien stranded on Earth. Don’t worry, despite the human-alien circumstances, there was a happy ending after all.

:: Hayley Williams & Josh Farro from Paramore ::

Hayley & Josh

Okay okay I just slipped this in at the very end because I’m experiencing a Paramore-mania at the moment, but damn, this two write good music together, sound really good together, & if that’s not enough, they even look good together on stage leading the rest of the band! Josh’s quiet demeanor & silent focus on his guitars is really quite the perfect match to Hayley’s bursting energy & edgy personality. Definitely my favourite musical pair-up since the now-separated Avril Lavigne-Evan Taubenfeld & Amy Lee-Ben Moody. The fans love to see them get together too, check out the many fantasy-love sites about them online.

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