Spotted, on the Road…

How could anyone possibly resist those pair of eyes?

Those gorgeous eyes that sparkle ever so seductively in the day, & shine in their full glory at night, ensnaring us dangerously with every of those sexy glitters forming the curves & straight stretches that underline the borders of the whole eye features…


Those elegant eyes that leave you with an orgasmic moan of awe day or night, hopelessly smitten when you glance upon them as they (seemingly) flirt outrageously with you as they pass by…

Today, as I drove along the highways & roads that formed my route from my university to my hometown for the Chinese New Year holidays, there were a fair number of mamahotchicas on the road to wash my eyes upon. Like many, such road drives are often opportunities for me to enjoy salivating at those freaking hot automobiles as they fly pass my own automobile on the highways, looking longingly at them (mostly only their butts by the time I noticed them or their models), dreaming in envy knowing I very well could not possibly own one myself. Following swiftly after the automobile look-over would be the quick & extremely judgmental glance on the vehicle occupants, special attention given to the driver. If the person behind the wheel was a young man, I would go “lucky arse”. A fat old balding man – “rich bastard”. A young teenager – “ahbeng with rich parents”. Hot young chick with oversized shades – “Fuuuyo. Damn I would like a ride on that…uh, car”. & the most stereotyped judgmental glance? Aunty behind the wheel – Cheh. Sure got rich husband. Or perempuan simpanan of rich fat old balding man”.

Today was an eye-opening experience, & it does not involve Ferraris or Lamborghinis. But before I get into the main star of today, let me speak first of the other supporting casts that were outshone. Spotted, halfway through my journey, was the Mitsubishi Lancer GT. Not one, but two passed me by today. Adding salt to the wound would be the fact that they were both hot blazing red in colour, which was frankly & appropriately, the only paint the Lancer deserves. Now it’s no secret I’m a big admirer of the Lancer’s strong physical designs, where it is one of few cars that boasts equally awesome looks in both its front & rear features, & its fantastic & worthy price considering the segment it is in. Look at those headlamps. The front lamps sort of barks out “Fark you!”, & the rear lamps glare menacingly at you with the same “Fark you!” feeling. But lately there were incidents that really potong-stim‘ed my enthusiasm for the Lancer. First was the fact that the other paints offered aside from the blazing red – silver & black – seriously & significantly reduced the ooomph factor of the Lancer’s garang look. Then I found out a lecturer in my university owned one (not going to elaborate on the WTF feeling of this). The final nail hammered down upon me when our tuan-tuan polis ordered 25 units of the Lancer Evos to be utilized as patrolling units. That one seriously WTF-potong-stim.


But who the hell cares about the Lancer when there were those pair of eyes…

Today was also the first time I saw the new Autobot-ish Honda City on the road. Depan macam transformers celup, belakang macam BMW 3 Series celup.

But who the hell cares about the City when there were those pair of eyes…

Everything was shoved violently aside when, spotted, upon an innocent glance at my rearview mirror,  with a swooping sensation electrifying through my spine, the aforementioned 2 jaw-dropping eyes flirting back at me through the mirror, in the form of the LED daylight running lights of the Audi A4.


Instead of the “Fark you!” feeling of the Lancer headlamps, the Audi A4 LEDs were purring “Hey baby~ I’m gonna make sweeeet lo~oo~ve to you reaaal goooood~ all day~ & all night long~” in the most ridiculously exotic & seductive way, I’m telling you. That A4, gleaming stylishly in stunning white, stayed for a few seconds tagging behind me, before scorching past me on the right. & then it was gone.


I didn’t even bother looking at who was behind the wheel. & you can ask her how expressive my orgasmic moaning was.

Boy those Audi LED daylight running lights are really kicking BMW’s eagle eye lights’ asses.

The visuals included here which I took from the net do no justice whatsoever compared to seeing them on the road for real. I don’t care how many car magazines & reviews have discussed how the 3 Series & C-Class totally outperforms the A4, because this baby A4 is by far one of the most awesome (albeit in an understated way) looking eye-catching 4-door saloon in the market at the moment.

Maybe when I see more & more of them on the road my current craze would dissipate slightly, but I guess sometimes, Ferraris, Lambos, SLRs & Audi R8s are not the only hot babes on the road that can snatch my heart away.