The Day I Abandoned Nike for Porsche

by KV


…think Danny Gokey should win American Idol. Matt’s cool & soulful, Adam’s vocals are as impressive as they are irritating, Megan is quirky, & Allison has a mature rock voice that’s way beyond her actual age. Mr. “Jamal Malik” – Anoop – is really really likeable, but without an ounce of star quality. Scott & Kris? Their vocals are just too bland & frankly, boring. Gokey’s spectacular performance during the Hollywood group stage, where his group sang “Somebody To Love”, remains unforgettable.


…think I really am in love with AnnaSophia Robb! Race to Witch Mountain was okay, it was a Disney kids kinda movie anyway, & Dwayne Johnson was pretty lovable, but boy, was AnnaSophia a sight to behold. Sure, she didn’t get to spread her acting wings much as compared to her iconic potrayal of Leslie Burke in that delightful Bridge To Terabithia, but she was undeniably as talented as she is utterly gorgeous. Oh, she was really sweet in her “Keep Your Mind Wide Open” music video!


…think the musical arrangement of Coldplay’s “Lovers In Japan” is genius. That middle “goreng” instrumental section is just insane stuff.

…think I need to give Watchmen another chance. However, I am never going near Dragonball Evolution, am afraid of the butchering they gave to my childhood comics.

…think cockroaches will really take over the world one day. (Yesss, I can’t stand them!)

So I was looking for a new pair of shoes for casual walking purposes. Something essentially white in colour, simple & clean with a classic touch, because I needed them to match anything I put on, & I wasn’t going to splash for this new pair, so it had to be reasonably priced. Being a Nike fan since I was born, & getting bored with Adidas who seemingly look like they just recycle the same old designs (as opposed to Nike, which comes out with innovative & fresh designs, even though some may be agreeable or not), I sort of made up my mind to get a pair of Nike Sweet Classics.


As if God had a hand in this, the Nike Classic outlet in 1U was closed for renovation on this fateful shopping day. A quick look at the other Nike outlet produced no fruit as they only had the newer colour combinations, while I was stubbornly refusing to look at anything that was not white in general. As I trudged around in gloom & disappointment, apparently giving up on the search, (again, as if fate intervened) I noticed the Nike Sweet Classic pair I was looking for being displayed at the THREEPOINTsix outlet. Tunggu apa lagi, pecut masuklah I to check out the pair.

As usual, I made it a point to just browse the displayed shoes anyway, regardless whether I have set my mind on a particular model or not. It just sort of gives me a more relieved feeling, kinda like ensuring I really am choosing the best they have to offer. That was when she spotted a particular shoe that caught her eye, held it up to me…& the rest, is history.

Like I said, I am a Nike fan for the longest time I could remember, & the only thing that stopped me from having a whole collection of Nike snickers was my sensible rational mind (& that other thing called money, or lack of it rather). So it would take A LOT, if not impossibly a lot, to swing my choice of shoes to another brand.

In this case, it would take a Porsche.

So after purchasing & currently using 6 pairs of Nikes, my latest 7th pair going into my stable of shoes are a pair of Adidas Porsche Design S2.


This pair fulfilled all of my requirements. Casual, simple, clean, yet understatedly smooth. It was all-white, with the typical 3 Adidas stripes barely noticeable since they only used thin blue outlines rather than solid colours for the stripes, & they were motorsport driving shoes, which is a first for me. That metal plate at the lower side sole with the “Porsche Design” etching muscled in a healthy dose of sporty stylish feel to the whole shoe. The Nike Sweet Classics lay forgotten.

But wait for the real punch-in-the-nuts fact…

The Porsches were going at 40% off its original price of RM379.90! You do the math, & since I don’t mind getting an older model (hey, the older they are, the more classic they are right? They are Adidas Classic anyway), how could I resist such an opportunity? The quirky thing was the sales chick there was apparently trying to dissuade me from purchasing that pair:

“You shouldn’t buy a size 8.5 when you are actually 9, later you will get blisters! You can try the Adidas outlets, they might have the right sizes, & they have wide range of models & colours too.”

That was before she added: “But you wouldn’t get the discount you would get here lah.”

Okay, before I ramble further & sound dangerously close to a bimbo chick in shopping heaven, I would like to state that the fact remains; it would be quite outrageous to sway a Nike fan like me to purchase pure Adidas shoes, so kudos to Porsche for boosting Adidas with design steroids. In any case, I have a sneaky feeling Porsche (okay okay, Adidas too) was meant to be my fateful 7th pair & the deserving one to break my Nike streak. Because, if the Nike Classic outlet was not fortunately closed for renovation works, I would not have arrived at my Porsches. If I hadn’t decided on the Nike Sweet Classics, I would never have spotted them thus ever entered THREEPOINTsix. Of course, if she didn’t have a stroke of genius in noticing the Porsches before me…you get the idea.


…think me likes Porsche! Okaaayyyy, Adidas Porsche Design~.

Josh: “Adidas was named after its creator, Adi Dassler. I didn’t even know that.”
KV: “Lar, even I not Adidas fan also know that.”
Josh: “Oh yea? What about Nike?”
KV: “Nike was named after Goddess of Speed…or Victory. Something like that. Goddess of Victory.”
Josh: “Not so victorious anymore. One of her fans just converted.”

Ain’t converted, but sure am satisfied!

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