Curtains for Season 8

by KV

Quick update: Amy Adams is irresistably endearing, totally lovable, absolutely adorable! She (& her cute butt) are the only reasons to watch Night at the Museum 2.

Who cares who won? It was not the huge upset everyone thinks it was, come on, Adam does not deserve to win any more than Kris. It was basically choosing between his over-the-top wailing or Kris Allen’s limited vocal abilities, & the quality of this season is nothing compared to the awesome Season 7. What matters is the final results episode being kick-ass, & boy it was, I have got to admit! Really a total reverse of the performance episode, & who do we have to thank for a memorable end to Season 8? David Cook & Kara DioGuardi, & not forgetting Carrie Underwood’s very-welcomed presence & appearances throughout the season. So here’s a quick recap of what I thought was some of the best, worst & just plain memorable from a riveting suspiciously-conspired “ding-dong” Season 8.


Best Idol Performances:

1. Danny Gokey leading the way with “Somebody to Love” during the Hollywood group stages. Gokey was absolutely spectacular
2. Adam Lambert performing “Mad World” the first time, song choice of the season (& no screaming-wailing-screeching-whatever, thank God!)
3. Allison Iraheta with a mind-blowing rendition of “Alone”. If she did that in a finale…
4. Kris Allen‘s cool saved-his-lucky-arse “Heartless”, not exactly creative, but excellent comparatively. Btw, I don’t think his “Falling Slowly” was outstanding as everyone thinks, probably because I thought the original was just untouchable


Best Guest Performances:

1. David Cook‘s stunning “Permanent”, showing Season 8 what a true AI winner is all about. Indeed the best idol winner alongside Underwood & a slowly languishing Clarkson
2. Jordin Sparks‘ powerful “Battlefield” with Ryan Tedder. Ama-a-a-zing! Fier-r-rce!
3. Carrie Underwood‘s “Home Sweet Home”, the best & only worthy performance in the top two finals episode


Best Duet Performances:

1. Adam Lambert & Allison Iraheta‘s sizzling chemistry in “Slow Ride”
2. Kris Allen & Keith Urban, nice surprise, “Kiss A Girl”


Most Shitty Performance:

1. “No Boundaries” both by Adam & Kris in the finale. Yet another exceptionally shitty AI ballad. How I miss the best ones like “A Moment Like This” & “I Believe”… 
2. Paula Abdul‘s guest performance. OMG what crap
3. Miley Cyrus attempting to sing live on the Idol stage with “The Climb”. Yucks

Best Vocals, what AI is really supposed to be about:

Danny Gokey, hands-down. Poor choice of songs, attempts & a sliding momentum spelled his end.

Best Guest Mentor:

Jamie Foxx! Fantastic energy, sincere mentoring

Cutest Idol:

Carrie Underwood? Alexis Grace! Really really loved her look. Allison Iraheta me likes very much too, minus some wardrobe misfits. Dunno what the judges were talking about, I thought she had loads of attitude, rock feistiness &…uh, well she really is cute!


Idols that should have gone home much earlier:

1. Scott MacIntyre. Sorry, really dull voice, too many sympathy votes
2. Lil Rounds. Bleh

Idol that went home too early:

Alexis Grace. Cute, petite, soulful, & should have been given more time

Best Idol Studio Recorded Version:

Matt Giraud‘s “You Found Me”. 10 times better than what he screeched live in the show, 20 times better than the original

Best Season 8 Moment:

I was tempted to say Cowell’s bulging eyes & “wow” mouth when Bikini Girl appeared in the finale, but Kara DioGuardi kicking the implants shit outta Bikini Girl with not just her singing, but her own even-hotter bikini-strip-down, was completely totally OWNING!


Most Excruciating Things you must try to forget from Season 8:

1. Adam Lambert’s rendition of “Ring of Fire”. Major jaw-dropping ball-twisting weirdness
2. Tatiana Del Toro. Oh the horror
3. Bikini Girl. Ewww
4. Adam Lambert’s tongue & testicles-defying pants


Now I’m off to rewatch David Cook’s heart-felt performance in the fantastic finale results episode again…no harm dropping by for a short sneak peek at DioGuardi’s bikini bod too…