She, Is The Only Exception

by KV


I didn’t bring in a decent camera to Paramore’s concert, but these gorgeous pictures by Aloysius Lim (Warner Music) do absolute justice. Check out the rest & the review at

Paramore, Live in Singapore 2010!



I miss Hayley.

“& I’m on my way to believing…”

There is a lot to say about Singapore. The horrible pushing. Falling. The pushing again. Uncivilized locals. Lost shoes. Bent spectacles. Horrendous sound system. The wtf-is-she-trying-to-do lead singer from the opening band. Absence of Josh. The shockingly short performance. & one particular hilarious loser.


Paramore was utterly breathtaking.

Those moments during “The Only Exception” & “Brick by Boring Brick” will forever hold a special place in my memory, my heart.

(..even ridiculously behind an iron mask, she still looks awesome!)

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