Every Boy Needs A Toy: Part II – I Got a Super Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode Phone

by KV

 Okay, in short SUPER-AMOLED, or essentially a souped-up AMOLED display phone, but still, it sure sounds much more herculean when put in that way doesn’t it?

So after years of sticking with flips & candybars, years with Sony Ericsson for that matter, & years of denying my ego the pleasure & gratification it does not deserve, my needs & requirements finally outweighed my economic principles. & here are the nominees.

My first choice based on looks. Absolutely loved the executive design, & there’s also the little angel in my left ear who kept encouraging desperately my loyalty to SE. But with a embarassing TFT display & an Android 1.6 without multitouch, it’s like Jessica Alba with the intelligence/personality of Miley Cyrus.

 Probably the only phone outside the Apple clan that comes close in terms of functionality, but does not look as smart as it is. Okay, I’m being polite, it looks hideous. It’s like Donald Trump’s brains with…well, Donald Trump’s hair.

 Like the intial impression of the solid looks & feel, but the slide-out keypad touch is a nightmare, & well, it’s Motorola.  It’s like Obama running out of steam. Anyway this was never in my consideration, I just thought a variety in brands included would project the image of an impartial & healthy technical commercial selection process.

 Blackberrys, sigh. All work & no play makes KV a bloody-stressed-up-bonkering-screw-everything-&-oh-my-life-sucks-dull boy. Applaudable attempt with the Torch, but it’s like Arnold Schwarzenegger the Terminator trying to mix it up with Robin Williams but ends up as Arnold Schwarzenegger the Governer of California.

 I would be a fool to deny the allure & cool-factor of the iPhone 4. Looks absolutely awesome, but the wait is too long here & it will probably be overpriced. Besides, every single penis, boob & vagina will be carrying one the moment it pops out here. The reception-antenna problem is annoying & frankly, a whole pile of horse shit. It’s like buying a Ferrari without a steering wheel. It’s like Scarlett without her Johanssons. Really, it’s simply like…well, Megan Fox…Taylor Swift…

& the winner is…

I really did hate the brand. I really wanted to not like this phone, & go for the xPeria, or wait for the iPhone. But put the Galaxy S side by side with any other pretenders, & the Super Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode, with it’s ridiculously vibrant & vivacious display, will overwhelm & blow you in the face so much it’s utterly stunning. Blazing fast, nicely thin, it’s a complete iPhone-celup but with steroids. Besides, with Maxis offering it at RM1699 (as opposed to an average RM2.4 – 2.5k outside for the AP set), the generosity & kindness showered upon my wallet is a welcome bonus.

It goes without saying that the Galaxy S is an awesome phone, simply because not even the ugly sight of the brand name splashed across the top center of the phone front could stop me from gobbling this up.

Unbelievable. It’s like Kevin buying a Samsung.