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Month: October, 2010

The Top Ten Paramore Tracks You Just Gotta Hear LIVE

First of all, let me start by saying that ALL of Paramore tracks sound superb live – make that the highest of superbness.

Since I’m still having massive difficulty overcoming my depression & post-trauma of missing Paramore’s concert that was held at my own backyard-country because I was away at sea (especially after noticing that it looked better & had a longer track list compared to their Singapore gig), I thought it was appropriate to vent out a self-serving pointless (or it may be un-pointless, depending on what & who) Top Ten list of Paramore records that must be heard live. & mind you this list is force-ranked – in case you are clueless, Paramore are phenomenal live, & Hayley – exceptional. But what fun would redundantly listing all their songs be, let me try to squeeze ten out & see how it looks. So here goes.

1. Let The Flames Begin

As if the original song wasn’t already aggressive enough, the live version has the most ridiculously amazing intro & outro. With Josh & Taylor grinding the guitars before Zac hammers his drums for the intro, to Hayley going berserk in the “Father, I am ready” outro, this song could not have been more appropriately titled. This, live, brings you to a whole different dimension. Extraordinary, insane stuff.

2. My Heart

This is the ultimate live acoustic song for true fans that were there from album one – we know it, & we know who we are. When Hayley sings her heart out to us with just acoustic guitars accompanying her, I feel the sincerity & the exclusiveness, something only loyal fans since the early days of their journey (when Hayley still had no make-up but looked ever so sweet, & Josh was still using a Yamaha APX) can relate to. Yup, in other words, harsh as it is, it always sounds like Hayley is not singing to those Post-Twilight fans. Oh, going live means sans the studio screaming is an extra bonus.

3. Brick By Boring Brick

Messy, confusing lyrics & melodies but with power-packed fun layered with some of the most interesting riffs, it’s an extra bonus to see & join Hayley & co to the “bada ba bada ba bada bada ba ba bada ba ba”s, ending with the bang-est of all “ba”!

4. The Only Exception

This song grew on me really really slow, I’d be honest. But in Singapore, this song brought me close to nirvana proportions. The perfect “darken-the-stadium-light-up-your-handphone-and-sneak-a-kiss-on-your-loved-ones” song, this is one live track any fan & non-fan can sing along to. I mean, the chorus lyrics do not get any easier than this. &, it just shows that Hayley does not need to reach for the peak of her vocals all the time to be just as mesmerizing (just like her show-stealing feature in “Airplanes”).

5. Misery Business

I love the lyrics, I love the energy, & I love the adrenaline rush of this, even more live! It’s the track that really got them off anyway, so it would be a sin to not include it here.

6. Crushcrushcrush

This is strangely a little understated rock-wise, & it takes a little time to grow on you, but the bridge is too catchy. Once Hayley starts with the “Let’s see those rock horns!”…euphoria. Goes really well pure acoustic too.

7. When It Rains

This is another track that was just waiting to be done acoustic live. My favourite was one they did at an open park stage, with light-blue-top Hayley on keyboards, Josh on acoustic guitar, with back-up from Jeremy & Taylor halfway. Hayley sang perfectly, & when the video cut to some shots of the couples in the crowd kissing & hugging each other, this became a real classic to me.

8. Pressure

This is pure classic mainstream rock from the very beginnings of Paramore. Heavy enough for the masses, yet brilliant when done amateur acoustic (clue: watch back the video where they recorded just by the street of passing cars)

9. For A Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic

Probably the track that offers the most catchy melody & chord progressions, & hearing all those delivered live the way Paramore does it is just sublime.

10. That’s What You Get

The last to go into the Top 10 was a hard choice, it was between “All I Wanted”“Careful” & this. But “That’s What You Get” remains one of the best tracks ever recorded from Paramore & is my all-time favourite. You’re gonna have a riot (or hard time) jumping to the  majority of the syncopated rhythm, but the chorus & bridge just screams for a sing-along don’t they?

Okay, I had hoped doing this would make me feel better.

It failed.

I am a Freakin’ PARAWHORE & I am Going to Miss All of This

I am officially depressed.

Gonna scream my lungs & balls off at the sea tonight.

There’s Just Something About Q

Many of us all love Glee for multiple reasons.

There’s the music of course. The cheerful vibrant mood & the harmless fun. Who can deny the awesomeness of Coach Sue Sylvester? Or Mr. Schuester’s suaveness & moves? Or Puck’s massive egoistic charm?

Sure, the 2nd season has nothing to shout about so far. The covers & remixes (or lack of) are getting a little too unoriginal & just seems to just be there for the sake of being there. Example? Look at how Lea Michelle butchered & excessively wailed through “The Only Exception”. As a matter of fact, there have been only 3 noteworthy things to remember so far. First, the cute but saucy toilet-duet (or should I say duel) of “Telephone” where a refreshing Charice kicked Lea’s butt, followed by an all-guns-blazing Brittany channeling Britney Spears & looking remarkably hot doing that.

&, the return of the ever-gorgeous Quinn Celeste Fabray.

I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again – to me, Quinn Fabray is the ultimate blonde, & the ultimate cheerleader. Yes, Miss overbearing-sulky Hayden Panettiere, Dianna Agron’s Quinn is who I’d really call a friggin’ hot cheerleading captain.

Quinn is someone whose beauty & attractiveness is vastly under-rated from pictures & stills. She’s someone you need to embrace when in motion. From dancing & looking ridiculously stunning in “Say A Little Prayer For You”, to when she pranced around singing “Papa Don’t Preach” (HOTTTT) with Puck, I was hopelessly owned.

Sure, she looks hot among many other things, but her evil death stares are on a whole different level. That single ruthless stare is equally as malevolent as it is wickedly seductive.

When Quinn shot that dazzling smile of hers, rainbows parted the skies, & our hearts melted with sprinkles of warmth. Her laughs would create male orgasms across the planet.

Just when you thought Quinn couldn’t get any more interesting, a shock twist in the 1st half of Season 1 in which she got pregnant was thrown at us. Agron soften our hearts with an incredibly poignant potrayal of Quinn’s fragile conflicted side. Now that’s just a killer – we all love to see the gentle frail side of a queen bee bitch, especially played with such aplomb by Agron. That heart-wrenching scene between Quinn & her parents was particularly memorable.

& it’s not just that. She’s got a cute unique voice (not her best but still, cute), her moves are always an extra joy to watch & her stage personality is always always memorable despite limited screen time. Remember those last few breaths of hers in “Keep Holding On”? They left me…well, breathless. & ooohh..she totally rocked the Gaga look!

Preggers but still bloody hot, lol.

So now that she’s gone through all the downs of Season 1, it is awesome & satisfying to see Quinn Fabray back in total mojo control as the Cheerios captain!

Strangely, I seem to be the only male representative who is totally smitten by Quinn’s allure & individuality. My bros keep saying I’m over-rating her, & even more baffling, I have many female friends who are instead on my side! Guys, what’s there not to like? She blazes with molten hot sexiness, demure beauty & eternal sweetness! She’s the most ruthless yet endearing (oxymoron alert!) bitch ever seen on screen! She’s like hot muffins but completely made out of muffin tops! She’s like an overdose of Häagen-Dazs! She would turn Kurt straight if it were in the real world!

Now, before you start thinking I’ve gone a little bonkers & am beginning to sound like I’m spreading some blonde-female-worshiping-religious-fanaticism-version of Robbert-Pattinson-mania, my whole point here is simple – I want more solos & screen time for Agron’s Quinn. Sure, Lea Michelle’s vocal range is vast, but I’ve had just about enough of the over-wailing & over-the-top facial expressions. The upcoming episode 4 duet between Quinn & the new kid looks really promising (man it was sweet), so it does look like New Directions is pointing in the right direction.

Till then, I’m just gonna sit here & fantasize about being Puck when Quinn mischievously cracked an egg on his head, which then erupted into a real messy baking mêlée.

Craaaaccckk! Yummy.

Or I’d settle with Quinn fretting my chords on the guitar…

“Lucky” is an understatement.


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