Sucker Punch: You Will Be Unprepared

by KV

“Close your eyes.

Open your mind.

You will be unprepared.”

Holy Molly Awesome Possum. Now this looks like a whole load of fun.

Emily Browning (since when did she grow up?!). Abbie Cornish. Jamie Chung. Jena Malone. Vanessa Hudgens (huh?). & the ever-scorching hotness of Carla Cugino.

Check out the trailer here. For the moment it looks like a video-game movie about an asylum for the criminally hot filled with mayhem of tight leather, thighs, guns & explosions. Like Alice in Wonderland with Guns. Lots of it.

Anyway, just seeing Jamie Chung in that Bunny Robot is enough justification to watch this romp.

March 2011 is so gonna be fuuuunnn. Hopefully this shit from Zack Snyder will make more sense by then.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to “OPEN my eyes”. Big big.

P/S: Evan Rachel Wood should have replaced Hudgens.