Misleading, Misguided. Brilliant!

by KV

I love it when this happens.

When movie trailers totally do not paint the right picture of the actual movie. When posters look totally misleading. In short, when the marketing team suck big time.

It happened to me with Bridge To Terabithia, years back. A trailer that made the movie into a Narnia-lookalike B-grade kiddy movie with really poor fantasy CGI & a very cute Zooey Deschanel as the hot music teacher.

That startling, moving movie, which really was about a coming-of-age mature tale of two lonely children & a very cute Zooey Deschanel as the hot music teacher, left me almost in tears.

Well, this instance repeated itself tonight.

Monsters. With a title like that, you already expect the worst, so I can’t blame you. The embarrassingly misleading trailers would confirm your worse fears. This is Skyline all over again. A Cloverfield/District 9 wannabe. & are those giant octopus aliens? Uh oh. Another mindless alien disaster movie.


Watch it without expecting anything whatsoever, like I did, & the undeniable impact will stay with you. This is a simple love story of two people under extraordinary circumstances. This is a poignant humanity tale told with a post-alien-invasion backdrop. This is Lost In Translation + After Sunset with a little of War of the Worlds serving as the backdrop. This, is just raw beauty.

Let you on another killer trivia: The filming was shot with 2 people using off-the-shelf cameras, with only 2 paid actors. The rest are extras acting on the fly, with on-site real-life situations manipulated into scenes. Budget? $15k. It’s amazing enough this film even existed.