The Day When Cheesiness Is Absolutely Forgiven

by KV

“I said, you men should listen to us more!”

“Hey dear, I’m feeling horny…”

“You may be white but you ain’t pure.”

“It’s amazing how much our neck needs to bend so I can kiss you…”

“Man you need a good shave…”

“Yellow & green makes two of us!”

“You don’t have to pretend to kiss my forehead, just say you want me to suck your tits next time k?”

“Let’s do tongue!”

“Man you’re horny.”

“Stop it Jack Black!”

“I’m just so tired of how many times we need to pose like this so that photographers can snap & use our picture as heart-shaped illusions on those damned Valentine’s cards & shit…”

“I would swim the English channel to get to you, I would climb Everest, I would run across the Sahara, I would…stretch my neck across this wooden wall.”

“Look into my eyes…& you will find, what you mean to me.”

“Who said rubbing our long shafts on each other was gay?”