Skylar Grey@Holly Brook

by KV

Wow. Look at her go!

I remember back in 2006, when this blissful, heavenly voice featured in the chorus of Fort Minor’s “Where’d You Go” was first blessed upon my ears, & I went “Who is THAT?”

Fort Minor feat. Holly Brook – Where’d You Go, from the video

Then I heard “What I Wouldn’t Give” on some TV episode. & I went, “it’s gotta be that chick again!”

It soon brought me to Holly Brook Hafermann.

I still remember the conversation I had with Chris that time.

Chris: “If you could download any album now, which would it be?”

KV: “Holly Brook’s.”

Chris: “Really?”

Next day, thanks to him, I had the gloriously poignant, massively under-rated “Like Blood Like Honey” on my iTunes. Do read how I shared the joy in my previous blog here.

4-5 years on & another EP album (“O’ Dark: Thirty”) in 2010, & now she’s everywhere. With a different name.

All her featured & writing credits. Last image above is a video snap of her side project in Deep Deep Sleep’s “Erase You”.

& with a Grammy performance like that with Eminem yesterday, this should be a good year for her. Fan base is already spiking after that stellar show-stealer.

Dear Skylar, I love all this behind-the-scenes-in-the-shadows work. Now, would you please record another solo album for us? I’ve waited too long for another “Like Blood Like Honey”.

A duet with Hayley Williams would be kinda spectacular too, if it’s not asking for too much.