I Have Been Diagnosed With A Terminal Obsession, Indefinitely

by KV

A random dude had this to express on IMDB about Quinn Fabray’s Dianna Agron:

“She has supernatural beauty.”

I whole-heartedly raise my glass in complete, hopeless agreement to every of the 4 words uttered.

She has made me fall in love. Again.

& again.

aaannnd again.

All that, in one single episode.

So tell me, how could you possibly not fall heads over heels for her?

I need a doctor…call me a doctor…

+  +  +  +  +  +  +

On a different note, or rather, a different kind of obsession…

4.3″ Super Amoled Plus. Orion 1GHz dual-core processor. 1GB RAM.

All within a grasp of 8.49mm.

Read the first takes here.