Miranda Says Switch Off!

Frankly, I’ve never bothered much on the significance of the annual Earth Hour. Never really took notice of the whole “Save the cheerleader, Save the World” marketing propaganda. Wait, that doesn’t sound quite right, I think it’s more in the lines of  “uniting globally for the future of our planet” or something. In fact as far as I can recall, I only participated twice, though not  approaching them in quite the true spirit. Once  – in Uni, because, well, my uni blacks out quite often anyway so intentionally doing it for once is really not much big of a deal (& it’s also my uni’s tradition that once in darkness you can always trust a couple of monkeys to deploy fireworks). Second – when I happened to still be in my office tower, & well, being the tallest twin towers in the world, not going lights-off would make the towers an easy target for potential environmental terrorists from WWF, if there is such a thing. Kiddin’.

Of course, I have nothing against the whole event either, thinking of it as a rather nice & interesting thing to do. If you wanna do it, then join it, if you think it’s for hippies, then you may continue that dumb Sex & the City DVD of yours. After all, everyone on the entire planet doing something in unison for 60 minutes is harmless, instead it’s a nice touch. Nice. Yup, I can’t think of any other word but nice. Nice, just like the No Pants Day in New York kinda nice.

This year however, they’ve pulled out the big guns in promoting Earth Hour.

They’ve pulled out Miranda Kerr. As ambassador.

Now this is just plain cheating. How the hell are we suppose to say no then?


Earth Hour 2011. 26th March, 8.30pm. No, I’m not promoting Earth Hour, I’m just endorsing Miranda Kerr.

Now just imagine if New York’s No Pants Day organizers make Miranda their ambassador…