Things I Learned Over The Weekend Getaway

I love driving. Especially driving for – or with – my better half, & a good road mix-tape.

I have an insanely awesome bunch of friends. The tipsy after-shots Kledang dim sum session was just one of those times you are glad you have such fantastic bros (& sis) to hang out with. Besides the fact that having dim sum when you are high is already awesome enough.

A drive down to Ipoh for me was always going to be about the brilliant food. & to journey down memory lane, recollecting some of the most nostalgic locations & experiences from university life spent there. What I was reminded of from the last weekend is – what are such experiences without company; without someone to share them with?

Whether it’s your better half or your friends, indeed happiness is only real when shared.

& yes, I think we all truly miss our lives as students. Working really kinda sucks whichever way you see it.