I Am UnGleeful

by KV

Oh no, Glee has done it again. The show just pissed me off again. Like, really pissed off.

Who cares, you say. Well I do. Cause they bloody woke me up from my blogging slumber. You see, the thing is, I come here to vent my absolute delirious anger at something usually not because it is bad. Well, okay, because something’s bad, but what’s worse is when something COULD have been good, or WAS good, until they completely screw everything up & turn everything in the complete opposite direction.

Like when fresh milk goes bad. Or when Katy Perry married Russell Brand. Or when Selena Gomez hooked-up with that Bieber lesbian.

Or my exhaustive vent about In Time.

Now Glee, one of my favourite series which I still religiously tune into week in & week out regardless of its continuing f**k-ups, has just successfully entered my hall of shame.

What were they thinking with Season 3’s Episode 10?

It started so well. First, Helen Mirren’s imperious voice-overs for Becky was, well for the lack of a better word, Queenly. It’s Helen Mirren, people!

The girls nailed an emotional, heart-felt “The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face”.

Emma had loads of screen time, even surprising us all with a song, & her tearful, honest plead to Will was just endearing. There’s nothing I don’t love about Jayma Mays.

Rachel was outstanding in an epic rendition of “Without You”, turning Guetta+Usher’s whiny crap into a power ballad. I mean, this was not typical Rachel-Berry-good, it was really really REALLY mind-f**king-blowing good – the best from Rachel this season thus far. Hell, the best solo Glee performance yet.

& of course, we have this hilariously awesome moment of Sue to remember for the rest of the season.

Then it all went to hell at the pool.

How long have we all waited for this glorious moment of Will finally proposing to the delightful Emma. & of all the songs, they chose that noise-pollution garbage “We Found Love” by Rihanna.

In a synchronized swimming performance.

Oh the horror of this mighty f**k-up. I mean, who found what shitty love in what f**king hopeless place? Who? What? Where?

& in the mean time, Rory’s still popping up here & there without any real purpose or presence.

& where the hell’s my beloved Quinn Fabray?

What nonsense is next huh?! Glee in 3D?! Oh wait, they already did that…

Anyway, I stumbled upon this picture from Dianna Agron’s twitter.

Well aren’t these two a sight! I’m sure Quinn can easily “straight”en out Blaine. Why don’t they write that down for her plot, since they are disgracefully wasting Quinn anyway.

In the mean time, another musical series is coming. I’ve seen the first episode of Smash.

& all I can say is, Katharine McPhee looks smoking hot & sounds amazing. Always knew those pair of…uh, lungs…were under-utilized all this while.

She joins my list of There-are-so-many-hot-women-on-TV-these-days consisting of Dianna Agron, Emily VanCamp, Kaley Cuoco, the Deschanel sisters, Leighton Meester, the Dunphy sisters, & the entire main ensemble of Pretty Little Liars.