by KV

This random shot speaks more about them than it would seem.

The contrasting colours. Their differing persona & backgrounds clear as day. The bold striking babylon red, a reflection of his apparent inclination towards a more aggressive approach & egoistic pride, perfectly summed up in that F1-like stuck-up nose. Beside; the light quartz blue, a signifying of her pure, more understated & humble outlook in contrast. But look closer & you see something unique – 2 very race-like strips of air intakes on the bonnet that remind you to not be fooled; underneath lies elegance, strength, determination, & confident maturity.

They are both Lions. Yet here they are, side-by-side. In the wilderness of this peculiar thing called life.

The greens recalls the foundations of their acquaintance, the first few years together at the jungles of books, lab coats & concrete. The scattered patches of dying grass amongst the greenery echoes the rocky patches & hard times they have had to overcome, mostly together, sometimes apart. & a drain lying ahead serves as a reminder of the obstacles ahead, & that things are never easy, & never will be.

But it’s good to see, feel & know there’s someone at each other’s side.

Yes, here they are, side-by-side.

Looking in the same direction.

Yes, it’s not just about looking at each other, it’s also about looking onward in the same direction, together.

A simple picture taken at an opportunist juncture. It may not make up to about a thousand words like the over-used phrase claims, but it weighs just about that, doesn’t it.